Newspaper of the students council of Mechanical and Process Engineering

The Pladdfeder is the newspaper of the students council for all students of Mechanical Engineering, and of course for everyone else who is interested. The content varies every edition. You will find articles on changes in our studying prescription, staying abroad, reports on our orientation week and many more. There is also something for your amusement, like comics, riddles or recipes. Last but not least we publish the statistics on the exam results of the last semester.

The Pladdfeder is published at the end of each term and will be handed out during several lectures. If you did not get one in the lecture you can come by our Study Hall (L3|01-99) and pick up your edition there. If there is no printed edition left, you find a PDF version here on our homepage.

Everyone who is interested or has good ideas is welcome to support us designing the new edition, or to hand in his thoughts in written form. Just visit us or write an email ()

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