Student Advisory Service, examination- and interns' office of the department of mechanical engineering
Education Center IiM
Computer Pools for PST- and CAD-Exercises in 1st and 2nd semester
University calendar
University Computer Center (HRZ)
With your account at the HRZ you can receive emails, supervise your printing credit and login at the computer pools
Program purse with university licenses supervised by the HRZ
MSDNAA: Information
More information from the HRZ to the MSDNAA-program
Contact for semester ticket, BaföG-counseling, car rental,...
Students council conference
Consortium of all students councils at the TU. For more information visit "boards and working groups".
Women in Mechanical Engineering
Working Group for the advancement of women in Mechanical Engineering
Cafeteria city center
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Cafeteria Lichtwiese
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