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The questions that reach us most often are collected here and answered for you.

Here we have collected some questions, which we are asked again and again.

If you have further questions, which we should include here, or discover errors, please contact us!

The FAQ for new students can be foundhere.

Items lost in the Mensa can be requested from the responsible office. In the Mensa Stadtmitte the offices are above the bistro, at the Lichtwiese in the corridor behind the parent-child room. A lost and found list of the last 6 months can be found on the website of the Studierendenwerk.

Lost items in the libraries are kept for 6 weeks and can be requested at the entrance during opening hours.

Items lost in the L3|01 (especially USB sticks forgotten at the copier) can be requested during working hours from the HiWi in the Learning Centre Mechanical Engineering/Architecture Room 99 or the Student Council Mechanical Engineering in Room 72.

The guidelines can be found here.

A performance record must be submitted, indicating how many CPs have been passed so far. To continue to receive BAföG, 80 CPs are required after the 4th semester and 100CPs after the 5th semester. Proof can be obtained from Ms. Zalman at the MechCenter secretariat.

During vacation semesters, no BAFöG is normally paid, they are therefore not included in these limits. Exceptions are, e.g., committee semesters, which extend the BAFöG entitlement by one semester, although BAFöG is paid during the committee semester.

No, until 2016 Windows 10 and Microsoft Visio were available via the program Microsoft Imagine, but this program then expired. No follow-up contract was set up either.

Matlab campus licenses are also not available.

The application period for OE tutors starts every year in mid-July and ends at the end of August at the latest. The exact start date can be found on the homepage of the Fachschaft Maschinenbau, on the back on the Pladdfeder and in the Moodle Course “Fachschaft Maschinenbau”.

The motto is “first come, first served”. If there is no place left, a waiting list will be created if tutors have to cancel.

In general, the parking situation in Darmstadt is very critical and it is recommended to use public transport. If you are not willing to pay parking fees, you can use the parking garage in the Kasinostraße at the Level 6, because you can park here for free.

If you have any problems with registering for examinations, please contact Mrs Gutierrez and Mrs Schulz at the MechCenter Examination Office.

There is the internship office, next to the MechCenter at the Lichtwiese. This office processes all reports and is responsible for recognition.

Mrs. von Laufenberg from the MechCenter is responsible for the accreditation of academic achievements from abroad. In addition, there is an equivalency list(the list can be found under “Auslandsstudium”) with already recognized lectures.

The internship regulation for the MPE at the TU Darmstadt explains the mandatory parts of the internship and shows the need of it for your studies. The internship regulation is public and can be send to the company if needed.

You also can get proof that the internship is mandatory by the internship office if needed. (you can find that at “conditions and forms”  http://www.maschinenbau.tu-darmstadt.de/studieren/industriepraktikum_mb/praktikumsordnung_formulare/index.en.jsp

No, the colloquium has to be held after finishing your thesis. That means that every change on your thesis after the colloquium is not valid and will not have any influence on your grate. Your grate has to be given to you after the colloquium and also be uploaded on TUCan shortly after. So your grate can’t be hold back for you to change your thesis.

The study hall has a collection of companies at which students did an internship already.

 https://rumpel.fs.maschinenbau.tu-darmstadt.de/lzmb/praktikumsliste.php

The finished intern report has to be signed by the company and personally given to the internship office.

 http://www.maschinenbau.tu-darmstadt.de/studieren/industriepraktikum_mb/ansprechpartner_und_informationen/index.en.jsp

The university groups AIESEC and IAESTE arrange the international internships. There are also university extern possibilities.

 https://aiesec.de/darmstadt/#show-menu

 http://www.iaeste-darmstadt.de/outgoing.php

Yes, you can take a break as long as you want to. Once you finished your Bachelor in Mechanical and Process Engineering successfully, you are permitted to do the masters degree in Mechanical and Process Engineering at the TU Darmstadt, too. Before you start with your masters you will have to apply again at the TU Darmstadt like you did once before for your bachelors. (https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/studieren/bewerben/index.en.jsp Please pay attention to the deadlines!) You don't have to do the Eingangsprüfung.

The re-registration takes place automatically with the payment of the tuition fees to the university. The current amount, the deadline and a sample can be found on the TU Darmstadt website.

There is a standard curriculum which is a directive but not mandatory. The number of hours taken per semester depends on the choice of subject. On average, one CP corresponds to 30 hours of workload. If you want to complete your studies within the standard period of study, about 30 CPs are planned per semester.

You can find the study plan on the website of the department.

The registration deadline for all examinations in mechanical engineering is four weeks before the examination date. For project assignments, special care must be taken not to miss the registration deadline, as it is often before the end of the TU-wide registration period in December and June.

Important: Events which are offered by other departments for our study courses (e.g. the mathematics and electrical engineering lectures) are excluded from the four-week rule! The regular registration periods of the TU Darmstadt apply here.

Please contact the examination office of the MechCenter. After submitting your name and matriculation number (also by email), they can approve students for modules, as long as all requirements are met.

With a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at the TU Darmstadt, you receive – even if you interrupt your studies – admission to the Master MPE at the TU Darmstadt. If you have exmatriculated in the meantime, you must apply to the student secretariat like an external applicant (LINKAttention: observe deadlines!). Participation in the entrance examination is NOT required.

The Mechanical Engineering course is designed as a full-time course. However, it is possible to enroll in other courses of study in parallel within the framework of a double degree scheme, but these courses run completely independently of each other.

The priorities are intended to serve as orientation, but are not binding. This also means that you do not have to attend all events that fall under the focus.

For many tutorials and ADPs it makes sense to have attended the corresponding lectures, but it is not mandatory.

Two industrial internships are required, one in the Bachelors Degree (six weeks) and one in the Masters Degree (12 weeks). Further details on the required contents can be found in the internship regulations.

These internships do not have to be completed and recognized before the start of studies, but usually before the registration of the final thesis. However, due to the high amount of time involved in studying, we recommend that you complete the internships as early as possible.

Information on multiple-choice questions can be found in the General Examination Regulations (APB), which regulate the examinations at the TU Darmstadt. Paragraph §22a contains an answer to the multiple-choice questions (here: Antwort-Wahl-Verfahren). The APB can be viewed here.

In the case of short questions, it must be stated how many answers are permissible. If not all correct answers are marked, no more points may be awarded for the task. In return, however, no deductions may be made for incorrect answers.

Most lectures are held in German. In the Bachelor's and Master's programmes, lectures are occasionally held in English. The university strives to expand the English language offers.

In order to receive your Bachelor's diploma, all the services you need for the Bachelor's must have been received at the Mechcenter. On the one hand, these are the examination results and on the other hand the grade awarded by the institute where you wrote your bachelor thesis. After the institute has forwarded the grade to the Mechcenter, it takes about two months until you receive an e-mail from the Mechcenter asking you to pick up your diploma. If you are unable to pick up your transcript in person, you will be offered alternatives.

In general, all lectures are open, so you can choose a lecture that you would like to attend depending on your interests.

Since most prospective students come in the summer semester, in which no regular first semester lectures are held, one can for example look at Technical Mechanics 2 (second semester) or Machine Elements & Mechatronics 2 and Technical Thermodynamics 2 (both fourth semester).

If you are already attending a lecture in the winter semester, Technical Mechanics 1 and Manufacturing Technology (both 1st semester) are recommended.

The student must regularly apply to the university. If he/she is accepted at the TU, academic achievements can be accredited via the MechCenter and in consultation with the professors concerned.

In order to find out whether courses that one would like to study abroad are recognized at the TU, it is often necessary to consult the corresponding professor, since he/she decides whether the contents correspond to those of his lecture.

For some universities, however, equivalence lists of subjects already exist, which are recognized in any case.

Further information can be found here.

The student council itself does not have any reports on the experiences of foreign students. On the homepage of the Department of International Affairs, however, you will find some reports of experience. You can also contact the university groups AIESEC and IAESTE.

The application deadlines can be found on the website of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

A semester abroad is ideally in the 5th or 6th bachelor semester or in the master's programme. Often two semesters are offered instead of just one.

Information about semesters abroad can be found under the following link.

A list of all partner universities can be found here.

Guide to the Bachelor Thesis

This should be a rough guide that answers most of your questions during the transition between Bachelor and Master. We would like to point out that special permits can be issued in many places. You should consult the MechCenter about this.

Further Information

General Examination Regulations APB of the TU Darmstadt, 5th Amendment, with adjustments from 18.05.2016

https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/apb (See especially §23)