Welcome to Patenprogramm!

We from the Patenprogramm give everything to make your time in Darmstadt as unique as possible.

We support exchange students in mechanical and process engineering and we offer a lot of activities each semester in order to make your time in Darmstadt unique!

We organize for example:

  • Excursions to great companies (Porsche, BMW, Lufthansa, DLR, VW etc.) in nice big cities (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne …)!
  • Events such as treasure hunt, christmas party, beer diploma, trips and sports tournaments
  • Assistance with all sorts of problems that can happen when you stay at the TU Darmstadt

Keep up to date and visit our Facebook group!

Information for Incomers (opens in new tab)

At the beginning of the semester each exchange student gets an email from us with the latest news for the semester.If you did not receive an e-mail from us or you got any other questions, send us an email:

Photo Name Working area(s) Contact
İrem Alp
Pia-Sophie Becks
Leonardo Gutierrez
Paul Heckelmann
Cristina Loranca