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About the Student Council

Seminar of the Student Council Mechanical Engineering in Ober-Ramstadt
Seminar of the Student Council Mechanical Engineering in Ober-Ramstadt

The Student Council Mechanical Engineering consists of all students who belong to Faculty 16. The students who are committed to you form the active student council. These are your spokespersons and your contact in case of problems.

The student council ensures in the background that, e.g., the orientation week can take place. It has a say in all matters concerning the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. It participates in the committees of the university and the faculty and works there together with the professors, scientific staff and employees of the TU on tasks to be dealt with. In addition to the points already mentioned, this includes advising students and improving their studies.


You will find our student council room at the Lichtwiese Campus building L3|01 in room A12 in the corridor next to the Mechanical Engineering Learning Center. Usually the room is occupied all day during the lecture period. To make sure that someone is present and can take care of your concerns, you can also send us an e-mail to the following address:

Phone number: +49 61511629634

If you would like to actively participate in the development of the department and the university, you are cordially invited to come to our meetings. During the lecture period, we meet every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the student council room L3|01-A12. During the lecture-free period only on Tuesdays: 28.02.2023, 21.03.2023, (from the11.03.2023 again weekly).

The Student Council of Mechanical Engineering

Protocols of the Student Council Meetings

If you are interested in the day-to-day affairs of the student council, you can find the protocols of the last meetings of the student council here.

Protocols are only available in German.

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