Legal Notes at the TU Darmstadt

Legal Notes at the TU Darmstadt

These legal means are available to you in your studies.

Below you will find a summary of legal means available to you concerning the University and other related documents.
The first step should always be to check whether you were treated unlawfully with an independent source.
The following list contains the people and councils who can assist you in doing so:

  • Examination Office
  • MechCenter
  • Dean of studies
  • Students council
  • Mr. Dipl.- Math. Wolf Hertlein (Beschwerdemangement of TU Darmstadt)

If one or more of these agree with you in the assessment of an unlawful event, please consult one of the following legal aid offices:

All three above are available to you free of charge and we recommend consulting them in the order provided.
Please bear in mind that the legal advice at Studentenwerk is mainly focused on law of tenancy.
Additionally your district court can issue you a ticket with which you can visit an attorney at a reduced rate.

The following documents construct the legal structure for examination.

You can find these documents here.

Further documents not directly linked to exams, in the same order:

The binding publication is the legal attachment to regulations of the TU Darmstadt.

In case you choose to use you legal means to appeal against the result of an exam, please bear in mind that this will have an impact on all students who took the exam with you. As far as our experience goes we would recommend first contact the regarding institute or person. Usually this is the most effective and most pleasant way to solve the problem for all parties involved.

Concluding, department VII offers a collection of general legal bases.