The Pladdfeder

The Pladdfeder is the journal of the student council mechanical engineering and is published once per semester. In addition to interesting articles, it also contains puzzles, recipes and the examination statistics of the past semester.

Newspaper of the student council of Mechanical and Process Engineering

The Pladdfeder is a student council newspaper for students of mechanical engineering, and of course for all those who are interested in it. The content varies from issue to issue, including articles about stays abroad, changes in the study regulations, reports about the orientation week and more. There is also entertainment in the form of comics, puzzles or the kitchen corner. In addition, each issue contains all the exam statistics for the last semester available to the student council.

The Pladdfeder always appears towards the end of the semester, is distributed free of charge in the lectures, and is also available in the Mechanical Engineering Learning Center. If the printed copies are out of print, the issue is then also available for download below.

If you are interested and have good ideas, you are welcome to contribute to the design yourself or give us your contributions in written form. Just drop by the student council or send an

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